Business Plan Walkthrough: Introduction


In my years helping business owners establish their brands, there is one thing that I wish everyone would have on hand: a business plan! Before we dive into developing your brand, it’s so important to have a business plan established.

A business plan helps you to organize the basic aspects of your company. In creating a business plan, you are better prepared to weed out bad business ideas that are too risky, expensive, or lack a market. You’ll also be better prepared to present your business to investors, partners, and contractors, increasing your chances of overall success.

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Benjamin Franklin

“Well, what goes into a business plan?” I’m so glad you asked because that is the question I intend to answer in this blog series! The broad topics I will cover over the new few weeks are:

Company Description

This includes an exclusive look into executive summaries, mission & vision statements, and writing a founder’s biography.

Products & Services

An overview of the information you should have on hand regarding your products and services that show how well-thought-out and unique your offer is.

Marketing Plan

Is there a need for your service? Let’s look into market research and positioning.

Management & Organization

Team organization is easy enough, now let’s get it on paper!

Financial Plan

We will talk about what kind of information should be included in your business plan’s financial plan.

Starting a new business is so exciting! It may, however, be overwhelming at times. Let me help you make it a little bit easier with this walkthrough! After all, it is my goal to help you succeed.

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