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Website Maintenance

Websites that are not regularly maintained may face service interruptions, drag slowly because of out of date plugins (Google hates slow sites!), or encounter breaches in security.

I offer my website maintenance service at an hourly rate.


Website Maintenance:

$ 39 / hour
You can have your website serviced as often as you’d like. However, I recommend having your website serviced at least once a month.

My maintenance service includes:
  • Updating Databases & Framework
  • Updating Security Modules & Headers
  • Updating Necessary Plugins
  • Removing Unnecessary Plugins
  • Maintaining Site Optimization
  • Running Website Backups
  • Updating Content To Existing Pages
At my hourly rate I will be happy to make any other changes to your website. This rate is $39 an hour, and will be outside of the regular maintenance fee. I use a time clock and charge you only for time I spend on the backend of your website!

Examples of additional services:
  • Creating Additional Content
  • Creating New Pages
  • Generating Copy
  • Integrating New Plugins or Features
  • Theme Changes & Overhauls
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